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  1. I'm going to answer you all. So first the video I've made is not official. Unfortunalety you do not have news in your country that's why when I come here sometimes. I think it's terrible to be in the darkness. That's not the case in France where I maintain the updates about the development of the game for more than a year in my forum into a dedicaded topic : (I update each time with the date and hour at the end of the message) By the way, here's a screenshot of my forum where I announce I've received the first package (and I got the second the following day) : It was on monday. I took photos of the board and was promising a video on the next day for the french backers. So when I read it's a "strike back of GameZone Miniatures" to an association's message spread by Lanzanos ... no it's not. The truth is you do not know at all what's going on and it's also a terrible coincidence. Anyway the facts are here : - We are finalizing the demo sets for all countries. It will take some more weeks. E-minis will handle in the shops the demo games in Spain. In Germany, it's Gamezone Miniatures Germany, and myself in France. I don't know for your country and the others. I can ask the team if you want. My team is working hard and our objective is to offer the best quality for the demo set and the final product of course. - I have a written authorization of Ludofilia since april 2018 to present the game. I also clarified the situation with the juridic service of Hasbro France. So now, I just wait for the third package to complete the demo set and I already started to organize a planning with clubs & associations who want to playtest the game. We need to rework some stuffs first. I've check the cards and once in the hands, I saw 3 details to change. Not a big deal but we have to fix it. - I am also allowed to say exactly what we need to terminate this game once and for all. So this week Rafa is working on the layout of the rulebook. We need to work on the 2 adventure books and on the heroic rules sheets. Yes, it will take some months, no need to hide it. We try to do our best. you cannot imagine all the problems encountered, all the modifications that GZ did in the rules, what they added and still keep secret some stuff. -The dice problem is solved. The company sent new dices to GZ. - There are now 19 new characters, all with their own name instead of the 15 planed. - There is a new spell card package, called "Bloody cards", a bonus package for the spells. You decide before starting an adventure if your spells are costing you mind points or life points. I will show more and more in the next videos.
  2. Just a quick hello. Tomorrow I'll show you something. And promise it will be free.
  3. I have to add something else very important: the monster sheet you see in the second video is something planed for the online shop later. You'll have something else in the box.
  4. Try to zoom to see by yourself what is the problem with the dices. GZ has received bags of 2000 dices. However the icons were differents on each side from those of the game and there is a lack of ink in many sides. 130.000 dices like this is just impossible to handle. So the factory sent other dices but the problems wasn't really solved. Dionisio finally asked only blank dices and he has another company to print the dices in Barcelona. The day of my visit they received an email: the blank dices weren't perfect so there were some ink problems. Everything is solved since february but the production is long. It advances!
  5. Here are the 6 machines for the resin elements only: Each one needs 20 mn to make around 40 to 50 elements or more (if it are tiny elements). So you can multiply the production by 6 + by 3 for one hour and depending of the daily production x 8 hours or 10 hours. Since february for instance, the lastest models of the miniatures of Morcar Zargon & the Vampire were done. Check closely this part in the video you should see something here we hide ... What a pity ... all this will be destroyed ... thoses boxes are the result of the quality control.
  6. The 4 different sides of the magic pilars: The prototype to test each adventure (yes, who said they do not test ): Don't be afraid, I'll show all in détails soon.
  7. Hello all. We couldn't put the update online yesterday so it is planed today at 12h00.
  8. Hello all. On last monday, the german subtitles were finished and I sent everything to Dionisio. It was long because I had to make the entire french script of my visit (video n°2) to give to the transltor teams + the french & spanish scripts of the interview (I asked in french, Dionisio answered in spanish). And the different teams did an excellent job to allow every backer to understand in each language. Now we're all waiting for the text of the update certainly with some photos of the new models of the vampire, morcar & zargon + dices. Should by the end of this month.
  9. GZ was hiding everything since the begining. There were several reasons for that. You'll have an overview soon of what they really do in their workshop and also what they did during 4 years. And this is completely the contrary you are thinking right now. Toooooooo ... @Flash: thank you! Well I'm registered here for a long time. I've started the remaster project of HeroQuest with a friend known as HeroQuest Remaster a long time ago. (search for the closed topic here, thanks) Then while we were starting the remaster of the 2 US expansions in 2012 and were planing to expand our work into other languages, I've stopped everything. The paralegal of Hasbro France asked me to contact the spanish company for this new HeroQuest since it's impossible to them to do something with it. It was months before the crowdfunding campaign of GZ. I live in France, close to Perpignan and yes, it's me on the photo: http://lessouterrainsoublies.fr/ Not Dionisio ... By the way an important message for those who bought a pledge: - Please log into your account & update the sentence/message you wanted in the box. - Then email Isabel with your personal information: name, first name, n° of invoice, your complete address and the new message you want if you didn't succeeded to change it directly in your account. About the news, Matthias from GameZone Miniatures Germany handles the last subtitles and he should finish it soon. It will be an official update as Dionisio requested. I will let you know as soon as I have a date.
  10. The videos are done. The subtitles too excepted in german. We're waiting for it to put it online. It will be an official update. To answer to your last question: the 3!
  11. A quick hello in english. As you may know, I've visited GameZone last weekend to make an interview of Dionisio, took pictures and was also allowed to show things too (but more will come from something else. hehe). Right now, the team is doing subtitles in every language. The video will be online soon.
  12. Un po'di pazienza. Notizie update si avvicinano. Ho parlato a Dionisio ieri per predisporree laversione del sito ufficiale in italiano. Infatti, Marcello è passato ore tutto da tradurre eciò, da mesi. Spero realmente che Gamezone Miniaturesmetterà il sito in italiano! Sarebbe bene anche che qualcuno presta la suavoce per i videi dello Kraken, ma non conosconessuno.
  13. http://www.megaupload.com/fr/?d=0WCVZ7Q3 Rules book, cards, characters & monsters, adventure cards etc Everything is here but ... in french !
  14. This is what I use in my HQ parties ^^ (DWARVEN FORGE www.dwarvenforge.com) Expensive,but modular and already painted,high quality.
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