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  1. HI ALL ! Here are five 12 sided dices to print, with the various results of the Dungeon Generating Tables from Advanced Heroquest. HOPE YOU LIKE IT !
  2. Indeed, the Elf is a War Dancer, for example. The Dwarf and the Wizard are the rarest of the four, but I have photos of them. Below is the Wizard (Before and After). His name is Imperius (inspired by the name of the old monk in the movie "Lady Hawk" with Rutger Hauer and Michel Pfiffer. Of course, in this film, Imperius is not a Wizard... But I like this name).
  3. Hi all ! Here is an unofficial character, from an unofficial group, but inspired by somes pics in the Advanced Heroquest rulebook. Those pics are showing that group in many scenes, and pics are based on some miniatures produced by Citadel Miniatures. So, here is the first of those characters (his name is Karl von Orstermark, an Imperial Knight), with his Sergent Man-at-Arms, and some of those pics I was talking about. Others three characters will be soon available.
  4. Hi all ! Still in the Mercenaries section with the Captain, the Elf Wardancer, the Wizard Apprentice (painted by the skilled @Marco.bariselli) and the Dwarf Troll Slayer, as described in the expansion of Advanced Heroquest "Terror in the Dark". They are, again, a remake of my firsts Paper Minis, so you can see some "Before / After" of thoses models.
  5. And here are the Men-at-Arms Sergents. Four of them are following a specific Hero, with their colors and specifics marks.
  6. I ALL ! Today, here are the Men-at-Arms from Advanced Heroquest. Those Paper Minis are based on the Prototype Metal Model of the Man-at-Arms. I made some weapons variants because in the game, you can give them many other weapons. I will now open a topic in the "Print and Play" section where download of the first A4 Paer Minis for Advanced Heroquest were possible. HOPE YOU LIKE THIS PROJECT !
  7. And now, Here is Torallion Leafstar, the Wood Elf of Advanced Heroquest (as always, "Before and After"). I will then make the Men-at-Arms, and there will be in number. 😁
  8. Well, I prefere two differents. I'll proceed just like the first one : Once I have enough models, I'll creat a topic Advanced Heroquest Models in "print and play". 😉
  9. And so, here it is : the "Before / After" of Magnus the Bright. Because he is an Imperial Bright Wizard, user of the Red Wind of Magic, Aqshy, I gave him a fire effect on the top of his finger.
  10. Hi all ! Today, I will work on the Prototypes Models of the Advanced Heroquest Range. My old paper minis are... sucks... So I will remade them all. Here is Heinrich Lowën (before and after). Once I will have enough models, I will put them in the Forge. Hope you like it !
  11. Now, with the Mummy, all models from the original box are made. I'll do the paper models from the other boxes later. 😁
  12. And now, here is the METAL prototype model of the Gargoyle. I'll be honnest, I don't like this model, and I don't like the plastic one too... Because, to me, this is an awful "clone" of the nightmarous Greater Demon of Khorne, the Blood Thirster. But, indeed, the painting of this model was amazing. So, here is a "Gargoyle" more closer of the Greater Demon of Khorne.
  13. HI ALL ! Here we are withe the Skeleton (before / after), but the result is not as better as I expected. 😕 Anyway, here it is :
  14. Hi all ! And now... There is something rotten in the Dungeon... Here is the Zombie (before / after) :
  15. Hi all ! Well... I was not so proud of my Barbarian, so, here is the new one (in a "before after"). And below, here is the new Fimir.
  16. In order to have Goblins kicked ass in the best way, here is the new Orc Paper Model with its "before / after" pic :
  17. It's now GREENSKINS time !! Here is the "remake" of the Prototype Metal mini of the Goblin, you'll find no less but 10 Goblins in the Paper Models Goblins sheet. Below, here is the "before / after" Goblin paper mini :
  18. And here we are with the Gargoyle. Note that isn't the Prototype Paper Model, but the paint of this plastic one is amazing in stone texture. I'll do the Prototype metal one later.
  19. Thanks @The MasTer. Well, this project isn't finished, there is more to do, in fact, I actually have here with me the true paper mini of Morcar / Zargon. I will post some A4 sheets in the Forge, more easy to download and to print. 😉
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