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Pack tiles ambientazione esterna

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Hi all.

It's been a very loooooonnnnng time since my last post, because of my life and job, for one part, and because of a damn bad internet connexion for the other...

I wish to share my recent work on a new project of exterior tiles. For now, you'll find in this gallery a complet set of 36 road tiles, Two trees and some wild lands to build a vast battle map for your journey. Feel free to download all of those indivual tiles if you're interested in. . More to come !


Below, you'll find some samples of this set. There are more and more to come : small trails, grain fields, trees (and of course forests), rivers and streams, villages, and so on.

Hope you like it !!


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Hi all !

Here are 8 new tiles for that tileset : you can now build a complet megalithic  map ! You'll find some samples below and an exemple of complet battle map with a tree at the center of the site. As said in the first post, you can see and download pics of the whole set one by one here :


I will make several PDF booklets later.

Hope you like it 



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Hi all !

Here are some news : some fields with or without grains, fruits trees and bloody wagon attacked. You'll find all of those tiles here, as always :



Below, you'll find some samples :





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Hi all !

Today some new river tiles : intersections, rapids. Some others with stone, wood and log bridges will comming soon !

You'll find all those tiles here :


Hope you like them !

Below, few samples :





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And here is the second wooden bridge, connected with small trails.


As always, you can found the entire set here :


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On 7/3/2019 at 11:51 PM, Cris said:

Wow, thank you very much.

@Valnar Nightrunner what a wonderful job you did.

Many thanks and congratulations.

Thanks to YOU.  Remember that all those tiles are (and will stay) completly free. I'll soon share them in some PDF booklets for an easier download and print.

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Hi all !

It was uneasy, but it's DONE ! Here are 4 new exterior tiles, and especially two waterfalls, better than expected (hope you'll like those, really hard to build). Below, you'll find the link to those new tiles and the others. You'll have to navigate through the gallery, because tiles was sorted a little.


We now have 125 Exterior Tiles, more than enough to begin PNG files, but I have to make some counters and markers. So, be patient ;)






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