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Hello, I'm in the middle of setting up an idea for a quest were heroes are in a tavern and none can use their weapons. So it's hand to hand combat for all. I was wondering just for the sake of argument what would be the stats for hand to hand combat for these characters?

polar werebear (with 3 stages):

human maybe the stats of a barbarian (would his speed change in the different forms)?
 4    2

between human and bear

were form - I know in the game his stats with weapons are:
M  AT  DE  BP MP (attacks twice per turn)
6  4/4   3    6    2
should these two monsters stats be closer together in their were form?

werewolf (with 3 stages):

human maybe the stats of a barbarian (would his speed change in the different forms)?
 4    2

between human and wolf

were form
- game says use giant wolf stats -
9   6    3   5     1
- may use this stats instead -
M     AT  DE  BP MP (attacks twice per turn)
10   3/3   3    3     2

There are other NPC's in the tavern too

Last in case I would run into anymore of this has anyone setup rules to give all the HQ monsters hand to hand stats? Thanks.

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ENG: Only the cover for now?
Where can I see the first quest?

ITA: Solo la copertina per adesso?
Dove posso vedere la prima avventura?

▶️ myheroquest.blogspot.com ◀️

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Sorry @lestodante, I just put the cover up so everyone knew what I was working on and so that people knew why I was asking the question. I am still working on this quest pack. but I think I'm 3-4 quests in on a rough though. Thanks for the interest.

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Hello @darklestat79, first of all I merge the two topics, this one with a cover and the other with some informations about the story. Then I wanted to advise you to always use images uploaded directly from your PC, because these proxy websites do not store the images surfing the years. Thanks and welcome on board!

Conosco la metà di voi solo a metà e nutro per meno della metà di voi, la metà dell'affetto che meritate.

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