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  1. Geofonos

    Greetings neighbours!

    Thank you very much for your kind words, @@Flash. Well, I am missing a few hard-to-find magazines and I would also like to own the Brazilian version of the game with the cardboard miniatures (but it has become quite rare and quite expensive to have it shipped from Brasil^^). About the 5 core boxes in my picture: Top left is the UK version. Top right is the Swedish version with the different artwork. Bottom left is the UK Advanced Quest edition with the Dark Company expansion. Bottom middle is the Greek Version Bottom right is the North American / US version
  2. Geofonos

    Greetings neighbours!

    Well, in Greece only two things were published regarding HeroQuest: the core Game and Kellar's Keep. I will try to provide scans of the box, Morcar's screen etc although I think most of it has already been scanned and upload into various sites and forums. Apart from that, I also have the Swedish version of the core game which has different box artwork and the Brazilian magazines with the published quests (I saw those scanned on the Secret Door section). But anyway, I'm always on the lookout for rare stuff. I will be scanning the Greek leaflet/advert that came with HeroQuest, it's something that doesn't go around very often. My collection so far can be viewed here : Anything I can help you guys out, I will be more than happy to do so. Again, thanks for a warm welcome!
  3. Geofonos

    Greetings neighbours!

    Hello everyone! Don't really know if English is allowed in here, but I'm Greek and I know very little Italian so excuse me :) I'm Michael, nicknamed Geofonos, a Greek HeroQuest player and collector. Its very nice to see so many people still active with HeroQuest. Nice to meet you :D


Il Forum Italiano di HeroQuest è gestito dalla redazione, online dal 1999. Le risorse che troverai qui sono tutte gratuite, nella maggior parte dei casi in italiano e se stavi cercando un posto per far rivivere la tua passione per HeroQuest, la tua ricerca è terminata. Benvenuto nel mondo dei dungeon da liberare, delle missioni da compiere ai confini del conosciuto, delle armi da forgiare, dei misteri da svelare.
Benvenuto nel mondo di HeroQuest.

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