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  1. @@Morcar982, before I forget: thank you for the foundational workload! This was a lot of fun for me.
  2. @@The MasTer already replied to my own personal message, and his answer was b) which I think is by far the most attractive. I did add a rule for b) to my edit of the Quest book but I can change that anytime. In my own experience, 5 or 6 quests are not too long to go without any purchases.
  3. Thanks, @@Morcar982 I figured it out, I think. Another important question: When can heroes buy equipment and potions? a) Between two quests like in the original rules? b) Only between chapters (capitoli)? c) Or can they only buy what Gobri has to offer? I ask because this needs a little statement in the add-on rules.
  4. Hi there, I'm editing @@Morcar982's translation of @@The MasTer's Epic Quest in English and the following question comes up because I'm a perfectionist: Mezza Armatura and Corazza a Scaglie give EXTRA defence dice. Can they be worn alone or can they only be combined with every other piece of armour? Do you have to wear chainmail or one or the plate armour types to add Mezza Armatura and Corazza a Scaglie? Because there needs to be a specification on the card, otherwise it makes no sense to give them EXTRA dice instead of just defence dice like Chainmail and Plate Armour for example. The same goes for the different kinds of shields and helmets... When you offere several of each, you mjst add a rule that only one can be worn. Should I add such a rule into the Rules Add-On? That would be the quickest solution and save a lot of space on the cards. Second question: does the Guanti Borchiati card say that it can be used with a shield (in Morcar's translation)? If so, why? There is no rule that says that Bracers cannot be used with a shield, so this sentence is redundant. Also, if there is only one of these cards, the heroes will let the Wizard have it, right? So the other part of the sentence saying that it cannot be used with other armor is also redundant. _______________________________ And another general question: What is the base rule set for Epic Quest? In other words, what is you guys' general consensus of what rule set is to be used? I suppose the Italian Hero Quest is a translation from the British 2nd edition, is that right? And if so, is it used unchanged as a basis for Epic Quest? Thank you guys in advance! I wanna get close to perfection with this. As per The MasTer's request, I'm editing with the British Hero Quest and British language conventions to make it look like a British expansion.
  5. Yes, of course. I can't promise a deadline, but I can start editing next weekend. I can't say how long it's gonna take, though. Send me everything via e-Mail or a download link via personal message.
  6. Yes, I'll get to it from next Monday on. You can send me the files via email or I can download them from somewhere if you give me a link.
  7. It still stands. If life comes in between I'll let you know.
  8. I can edit when the translation is done: I could watch out for the original rules, fitting choice of words, good spelling and punctuation, and put everything in a fitting style. This should be done by someone other than the actual translator. A native speaker would be best, of course, but I (German, by the way) can do it. For credentials, I have translated ghan's Champion of the Empire (edited by Daedalus) and Pan's Mound of the Beastmen, both from French to English. Both should be published soon. Also, I've written my behemoth of a modular rule system and quest books, HQ - Heroes & Villains.


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