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Vindicator Metagaming Journal Issues


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Inviato 31 agosto 2017 - 10:35





Nome file: Vindicator Metagaming Journal Issues

Autore del file: Geofonos

File inserito: 31 ago 2017

Categoria del file: [Secret Door]


Vindicator metagaming Journal | Full scans of the issues with HeroQuest contents.


Vol 1, Issue 2: Review Mage of the Mirror / Hall of Foes (by Carl Forhan)
Vol 1, Issue 3: Review Frozen Horror / Hall of Foes II (by Carl Forhan)
Vol 1, Issue 4: HeroQuest variants (by Carl Forhan & Chris Knight)
Vol 1, Issue 5a: The Rogue, A new HeroQuest character (by Carl Forhan)
Vol 2, Issue 3: HeroQuest Treasure Cards (by Ronald Pehr)





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Inviato 03 settembre 2017 - 15:09

Thanks a lot @Geofonos!

Can you give more info about Vindicator?

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The MasTer

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Happy to share with the community @The MasTer


Vindicator , called itself the "journal of Metagaming games and classic science fiction wargames" and is published quarterly by Michael T. Friend.

In the mid-late 1970s, a game company named Metagaming Concepts produced over 50 games. While they were best known for their science fiction and fantasy games (their first game,  Stellar Conquest , was sold to Avalon Hill and are still in print today), they eventually produced games covering topics ranging from Second World War to Interstellar Fighting in the make future. In 1977 Metagaming released  Ogre , the first microgame. Metagaming games, (and indeed all the science fiction board games of the period) are often remembered with an unusual combination of fondness and derision. Vindicator's goal, as the publisher says in the opening editorial, was to "vindicate" these games, and in that goal it is largely successful. Size of the journal is 8.5 x 5.5 inches, 28 pages.


This is all information I can find about on the internet. The Vindicator Journal is also mentioned in the HeroQuest forum, on HeroQuest page of and a couple of other RPG related websites.

Seems like a low-budget fanzine / magazine attempted back in the days of 1996. I have managed to acquire physical copies of Vol. 1 issue 3 and Vol. 1 issue 4.

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